Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What is good?

"Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order that they may provide for daily necessities and not live unproductive lives."  -Titus 3:14

This verse really jumped out at me as my bible reading was coming to a close last night. I was asking God to show me something in His Word that was specifically for me and even though I had come across so many good things, there wasn't one thing that spoke directly to me. And usually I just skim over the greetings and final remarks but not last night! Two of the things that really jumped out to me were in these places!!

This verse had me asking, "What is good?" Well, things like getting involved in ministry, helping the needy, serving Christ in some kind of external manner. But then God spoke differently to me. "What is good for you, Leah?" Is not serving my family the same as serving others? Does it serve Christ any differently? No, not at all. I think many times as stay at home moms especially we tend to think that we are not doing anything for the body of Christ because we are just at home with the kids all day. How does cleaning our house, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, et cetera make a difference for His Kingdom? I would argue that it probably has one of the biggest impacts for Him if done FOR Him!

Stick with me a moment...by keeping my house tidy and in good order I am serving my husband. He enjoys coming home to a clean house because it is peaceful (well more peaceful than three kids running around in a mess!) "Her husband has full confidence in her" Proverbs 31:11. I want my husband to have full confidence in me in everything. If keeping a clean house makes him happy and serves him, then I should be happy to do so because in that way I am serving the Lord. Also, by keeping on top of the housework I have more free time for the fun things like playing with my kids and enjoying time spent with my husband and friends and also time with the Lord that isn't so rushed and squeezed into my day.

Secondly, and more importantly, I am raising the next generation for Christ! This alone is a great service to the Lord! He has entrusted these little beings to me (and my husband) to raise up to know Him and serve Him in their futures. (Actually not just in their futures but right now.)

So, what is good for me? As silly or trivial as it may sound, it is keeping my house clean, it is serving my husband and children, it is being here for them and showing them the right path to be on. This is my ministry right now and I don't think I could be more honored that this is the position in life that God has given to me. I pray that He guides me in all the ways I need and that He shows me all the different "good" things that I can devote myself to because ultimately, it is Him that I am working for.

Have a very blessed day and think of the good things you can devote yourself to for Jesus.

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